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'Summer School' Workshop

  • WOTSO Workspace 10-14 Wormald St, Canberra Australia (map)

This event is organised and hosted by experienced entrepreneur Georgie King from The Women’s Collective. Gianna Thomson will host the finance part of this workshop.

Time to banish all those thoughts of sweltering heat and useless ceiling fans, slaving over an algebraic equation that’s definitely not going to help you work out anything practical in life. This is school, reimagined. A school day that you actually can't wait to go to.

Before we dive into what this workshop schedule, let's just be real for a second...

As we come to the end of the year, we tend to write off our plans, all of those new years’ resolutions we set in January. It's basically the holidays, so we can cut our selves some slack, kick back, and cruise on into 'relax' mode, right?


Okay that's super blunt, but hear me out.

It's time for you to show up for yourself and your business, you OWE it to yourself and your dreams to carve out a chunk of time for your business, knuckle on down and achieve all the things you said you wanted to. What are you waiting for? Are you tired? Maybe it's been a big year, it's not the right time...Let me tell you, it's NEVER the 'right time', the right time to level up in your business, to launch that next big thing, to put your pricing up; you have to MAKE it the right time. 

So, bearing all that in mind I've designed a kick-ass workshop to make sure you end the year knowing exactly where you're at your planning for the future, your business model and where your niche is, your financial goals, sales strategies and of course, your social media. I want you finish the year STRONG, so that you hit the ground running in 2019. 

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