Who is Gianna Thomson?

I love my profession

I grew up on a farm near Griffith, New South Wales. I loved driving tractors and getting muddy while working the land with my family. It was here that I learnt the benefits of hard work and investing profits to build wealth that provides choices in life for the whole family even through years of drought. Although I was an excellent tractor driver, I always knew that running the family business was not my calling. At the time, my plan was to move to Canberra and study at Uni to become an advertising executive.

My plan changed in  2001 when I was offered a job at the local ANZ Branch while fundraising for a charity.

When I moved to Canberra in 2002 to study, I secured a position at ComSuper (now known as CSC) to provide general financial advice to PSS and CSS members and pensioners. Over the following years I was promoted within the agency in various teams and projects, including the Family Law Unit and the Manual Benefit Payments teams, which were highly complex areas requiring focus and attention to detail.

In 2010, I was seconded to the Department of Finance to represent ComSuper on a project, due to my technical expertise in these complex defined benefit schemes before I was then transferred to the Department of Finance permanently, working in their superannuation policy area.

My career trajectory changed in 2013, after seeing my family personally experience the benefits of a long-term relationship with a financial adviser. I decided to transfer my skills, knowledge and qualifications from superannuation to financial planning, so I could help people on an individual level instead of a broader policy level.

I started in a renowned AMP Financial Planning firm whereby I was mentored and coached in lifestyle advice. I then moved to First State Super Financial Planning whereby I predominately provided retirement advice for the health and education sectors, and ACT Government.

In 2017, I was nominated for the First State Super Financial Planner of the Year award. It was at this moment that I decided to start my own business to pursue my ideas and passions to offer money coaching to professionals, in addition to financial advice, with low client to adviser ratios to provide high touch personalised service in a flexible way.

My professional motivations are all about helping people visualise and then achieve their ideal life. A few years ago I stumbled across a model which is designed to help people visualise their current financial situation and explore and discover their ideal life under four headings- Live Love Learn Legacy (also known as 10-3-now). By mapping this out on a (virtual) whiteboard, it’s amazing how this tool helps clients realise how adequate financial planning can provide a great life for them in retirement, 10 years, 3 years and now when their financials are in order and they have a life plan. Goals based advice provides the motivation and mindset for clients to feel like they are in control of their life plan; I simply organise the financial elements to help clients achieve that plan. This model came from Fitzpatricks Private Wealth so it was a no brainer to approach Fitzpatricks Private Wealth to be my licensee and to use their brand for my business.

I’ve had many clients over the years with varying levels of complexity and financial stress, who often referred family and friends for advice too.

An example of a client whom I helped was an executive who was so stressed in his role and whether he could afford to retire early. However with modelling and rearranging assets and liabilities via financial advice, I provided him with peace of mind that he could afford to retire early. Since retirement, his health and happiness vastly improved.

Another client who was a highly regarded professional, approached me to invest in a tax effective way. However due to high discretionary spending and debt, this prompted the need to offer Money Coaching to complement the financial advice service to increase the probability of my client achieving their goals to reduce debt and build an investment portfolio.

The above client examples are only two of many that show how rewarding my profession is and why I plan to be a financial adviser and money coach for many years to come.

What do you love about your profession?

I’m educated and experienced



  • Bachelor of Finance

  • Money Coaching certificate

  • SuperConcepts & ICFS Specialist SMSF course

  • Margin Lending Accreditation

  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Superannuation)

  • Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

  • Advanced Diploma of Business


  • Financial services since 2001

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